Monday, November 23, 2009

Dead trees

What happens to dead trees? Seriously, I was thinking about this today as I was looking at a tree that Mum suspects is dead in our new backyard. It looks just like a tree in winter, only it's spring so it should have flowers (says she who has a brown thumb, not a green one!). That's of course if it's a tree that has flowers. But it doesn't even have any leaves. It's a beautiful tree even though it does look dead, I'm guessing it'd be even more beautiful with leaves and flowers. How sad if it has died.

Will the branches eventually fall off? Or will it just stay like it is and never have leaves again? Guessing there's no way to revive it?

While I'm thinking of dead plants, at my old work, I worked on "Level 21" with the executives for a few years and our chef (yeah thankfully times have changed!!) gave me a cactus for my desk. I told him it wasn't such a good idea as I'm not good with plants, but he assured me it's not possible to kill a cactus. Unfortunately I proved him wrong. Only took a month or so and the cactus died. I think I might have over-watered it at one point. Oops.

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