Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time for a break

So I've decided it's time to give blogging a break. After reading Jean's post this morning, I've decided it's time to stop rushing, or as another friend emailed this morning, it's time to breathe. I'm not good at either. I constantly feel the urge to do, do, do, to be efficient. But where does this urge come from?

I think I often believe it's what God wants of me, but as I read His Word, I'm not convinced that it actually is. I'm not saying I shouldn't do anything, but that I should do what glorifies God. When I'm rushing I'm generally not glorifying God (or at least not seeking to), I'm often trying to do too much, perhaps for the sake of doing, and doing the right thing - it's my motive that's the issue. I think I need to learn to slow down.

Psalm 1 says, that as we delight in and reflect on God's Word, day and night, we will be like a tree planted by streams of water and bear fruit in season. I want to be like that... I don't want to end up like the beautiful trees in our backyard that I blogged about last week that are dead. I need to resist the urge to constantly do, and to let God do in me all the things He needs to do in me to help me bear fruit in season.

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