Saturday, May 7, 2011


I've been thinking a fair bit about friendship lately - particularly friendship between males and females. Friends have the potential to teach us so much, to share life with us, to help us grow, to support us, to tell us hard words that we may need to hear at times... They are people who accept us just as we are - yes, we may frustrate and confuse them at times, but they still stick by us and continue to walk through life with us.

But when it comes to the opposite sex, friendship can be confusing... but I remember speaking to an older lady about it last year, and she reminded me of the importance of enjoying and appreciating the here and now, of seeing the value each friend brings to my life now, and the value I can bring to theirs. It's pretty special really. I'm very thankful to God for new and old friends, so many people who continue to shape me and support me, who can help me learn to relax and who I can enjoy life with. So many memories yet to be made. :)

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