Monday, July 12, 2010

One Big Family

Last night I visited a friend's church. She and her husband were leaders at the church I grew up in about 16 years ago. They're still a great couple, and a huge encouragement, even though until recently I hadn't seen or touched based with her in a long time!

I really enjoyed being part of their church family for the night, after all we are one big family under Jesus. Spoke to lots of friendly people and had some good conversations, even after telling some of them a bit of my story. That's the way we should be as the body of Christ. The sermon was on just that, how we should be serving one another, and the importance of growing together.

Family. I love my family - they've been such a huge support to me, especially the last few years. Many times I've phoned them in tears to ask them to pray, and they've been there. Even a number of my Aunties have been a great support. Saturday night my brother and sister-in-law took me to one of those yummy chocolate places for the best hot chocolate I've ever had (american marshmallow white hot chocolate), and my amazing parents looked after the girls while we went. Yep, God's been very good to me, giving me the best family. Including Sarah and Lucy of course!!

I'd love to live closer to my friend's church, it seemed like a great family. Not that the church I'm going to isn't, but there aren't many people my age or stage of life. It was also good to meet another friend I'd never met face-to-face, and his brother.

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