Monday, July 12, 2010


Danced again tonight (Ceroc), I love it, especially when you get to dance with a guy who knows what he's doing and leads confidently it's so much fun. One of the guys I got to dance with is a brilliant dancer, a few times I asked, 'is that what you wanted me to do?' kind of laughing, as I wasn't sure I was following him, he said, 'yep, you're doing great'. i said I'm not very good at following and he said he thought I was following really well, better than some of the girls who've been dancing for years - I doubt that, but he was very encouraging. I really enjoyed dancing with him. I had no idea what I was doing, but I didn't need to cause he just made it happen.

Later he said that the key to dancing is using your body to communicate. Tonight it just seemed to click, as one guy said it would by about week three. I seemed to (on the whole) get the knack of following... finally!

Another guy in the beginner's class kept pulling me up when I wasn't following his lead. When I finally got it towards the end, he looked incredibly surprised and said 'yay, that was great'. I felt kind of chuffed.

Something I haven't got the knack of is asking a guy to dance. You're supposed to be able to ask anyone to dance during the 'freestyle' segment, but I haven't been game to do that as yet, other than with one guy who danced with me last week and goes to my cousin's church, and whose name I actually remember.

Thanks Ceroc Australia for three fun nights so far, and many more to come I hope!

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