Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last night as I lay in bed, the main thought running through my mind was 'life is complicated'.

Since I woke up this morning, God has constantly been reminding me to enjoy today, and stop worrying about tomorrow. Yeah, life may be complicated, but God gives me the strength to deal with today. He knows my needs. Matthew 6:31-35

My grandparents were down from Queensland recently for my Pa's 80th birthday. Yesterday we took the girls to the beach and they absolutely loved it, especially Lucy. Lucy lives for the moment, and enjoys all the good things God's given us. Meanwhile I was getting frustrated because I thought it was too cold for them to be in the water, but Lucy wouldn't listen to me, she was determined to get in the water. I was worried they might get sick again if they got too cold. I also don't like getting sand everywhere.

Sarah and I did have fun drawing in the sand and building various shapes, but I know it would have been more enjoyable if I'd been prepared to worry a little less, and just enjoy the opportunity God had given us. To enjoy today.

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