Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rudd's Reaction to Tragedy

While Australians were looking on, waiting to hear from the country's first female Prime Minister, one of the presenters on channel 9 (didn't pay attention to who it was... meanwhile the girls were running around making noise) commented about Rudd, 'People are judged by the way they react to tragedy'.

I thought Rudd's reaction to what could be viewed as a personal tragedy was impressive - the media described his speech as dignified. That it was. Personal political views aside, I think it is ridiculous that he could be 'voted' out by his party, but that's the way it works here, like it or not.

I also felt for his poor son Marcus in particular - seemed so cruel to make him stand there while his Dad made his final speech. Must be a very difficult time for them all.

Years ago when I went to the National Student Leadership Forum I recall being impressed by Rudd, it was well before he became Prime Minister. He seemed real and down-to-earth, he shared about meeting regularly to pray with other Christians in both parties. Yes, this is politics, and most politicians are good at saying the right thing, but I thought he seemed like a nice man. At that stage he was quite open about his faith. From what I've heard, Julia's view of Christianity is less than positive. Wonder how this will impact the decisions she makes.

Interested to hear other people's reactions to the news - already seen some. Seems to bring out the best and worst in people.

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