Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why do different things float?

This morning when I met with my Kids Hope girl, her teacher mentioned they were looking at 'explanations', and that they were all about to 'explain' why different things float. He was keen for me to work on that with Tanvi. So in my usual style I nodded along and said no worries. Then as we went to do what he'd asked, it occurred me to that I had no real idea why different things float. I asked what she thought and she suggested their shape might make them float.

The more we discussed and thought about it, the more confused I became. I told her if I was at home I'd be looking it up on the internet. We thought about surfboards and I suggested maybe what they're made of may help them float. I asked what they're made of and she said wood. I explained that surfboards aren't made of wood but some boats are... suddenly my idea was blown out of the water.

I then thought we could look at the colour of the object and asked her whether the fact that a surfboard is a particular colour might make it float. Thankfully we were able to agree that the colour wasn't a factor, but it didn't really help in answering the teacher's original question. So we wrote a couple of things down like, 'I think things float if they don't have a hole in them'. That was about the best I could come up with. I suggested she wait to hear what her class and her teacher came up with.

;-( What a great teacher I'll make!!!!!

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