Friday, September 17, 2010

Obedience that costs

When catching up with friends on Monday night, I was reminded of something God clearly told me a while back (not audibly, but it was very clear). Initially my thoughts were: 1) God is soooo good; 2) no worries, if that's what He wants me to do I'll do it. But then as time passed I realised just how hard it would be to do what God had asked me to do.

This is probably the most I've ever struggled with obedience. I've already failed lots, and when I haven't failed I've struggled an awful lot! But through it God has been teaching me more about the depth of His love for me.

So often as I've heard the story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, I've kind of skimmed over it. The fact that he doesn't have to go through with it is the bit that stands out most. It's not nice to sit too long with the feelings Abraham would have experienced as he built the alter and laid his son Isaac on it. But sometimes that's what it's like for us as we obey God. Obedience often costs.

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