Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hilarious Ad - 'The only place it's been is in the bottle'

Saw a hilarious ad in a magazine today. Even more hilarious is this info I found about the campaign. And this. Who admits to this kind of thing!?! : -)

The creative was informed by a consumer survey, with the results revealing some unnerving truths about household’s soap use. When asked about their showering routines, 44% of respondents admitted to washing their face first, with 20% washing their backside last. Despite a great majority (76%) of those surveyed admitting to have found human hair on their soap, 71% of house holds still use bar soap as opposed to shower gel.

The ad reminded me of some young girls from America who stayed at our place years ago... after their visit my brother stopped using cakes of soap. I've never been keen on soap personally.

The caption beside the Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk is, 'The only place it's been is in the bottle'. Comforting.

You can also watch a funny video ad called 'The Scum and the Restless'. Sarah asked if we could watch it again.

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