Sunday, October 18, 2009

Embarrassing Moment

We had communion at Church tonight and we were short two of the little cups of juice. Of course, I had to be the last person in the church to be served apart from the communion "stewards", and the Pastor. The guy who was serving our aisle walked past my friend Anne and I with two cups on his tray, which puzzled us a bit, but I then realised they were the only two cups left. He came back and offered them to us and I said not to worry you have them, as did Anne, but she then took one, then offered it to me, but I said it was OK. Another girl in our row tried to give hers to Anne. Then the poor guy came back again and offered the cup to me again and I said it's alright you have it, so he took it back with him. Then our Pastor said, "Alison, you should have taken it" (in a nice way though), as there was then only one cup for the two guys at the front.

I felt so embarrassed. I said sorry about 500 times. Both guys came up to me as they were collecting the empty cups and apologised. I felt so terrible. I should have taken the cup when he offered it to me.

Oh well. It's kinda funny looking back at it. Sounds a bit more like a nightmare. Anne and I ended up sharing our cup. She insisted I have it and had earlier suggested we could share, so I took a swig and gave it to her to finish. I'm glad in our church we usually don't share cups - not very hygienic.

We laughed though because it's just a symbol of Jesus' blood shed for us. There's nothing special about the juice itself. So it wasn't a big deal to not have our own cup. We were still able to remember Jesus' sacrifice for us, and God's amazing love for us.

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