Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yes, God is full of surprises

Yes, our God is full of surprises! Today I received my letter of offer to study primary teaching by distance next year. The surprise was that I was offered a Commonwealth Supported Place, which means the fees I pay will be significantly lower than I'd initially expected.

I'd been thinking and praying about next year and what I should do - I was having doubts about studying again and was a bit concerned about the financial side. But this seemed a very timely confirmation to continue down that path. Yippee!! I'm excited. A bit nervous too, but overall looking forward to it.

It's also been a great reminder that God does guide and direct our paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 Why do I so often get anxious instead of trusting Him?! Why do I try to lean on my own understanding?

As the girls and I have been reading their toddler Bible, I've been reminded of the unusual ways that God works. He is full of surprises! I'm sure the Israelites weren't expecting God to part the water so they could cross the Red Sea and escape from the Egyptians! It's great reading Bible stories with kids and seeing these stories in a new light - with wonder and awe!

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