Saturday, October 31, 2009

Enjoyable Day

I enjoyed today. In the morning I had breakfast with lots of the women from our Church. It was great to get to know people a bit more and to just chat about life.

Then this afternoon Mum and I took the girls to the beach. Lucy absolutely loved it - it was so exciting watching her eyes light up and hearing her squeal as the waves came crashing towards her. Sarah had a ball too. They didn't want to leave!

Tonight our door-bell rang and I suddenly realised it's Halloween. Oh dear. I was struggling to come up with something... watermelon? no. marshmallows? no. a packet of biscuits? no. small packets of wiggles biscuits? they'll have to do. I only had four packets and fortunately there were only four kids. We had a bit of a chat cause they'd seen me at their primary school doing Kids Hope. One boy told me about the frogs in his pond at home. Kids are so open, I love it... so free to just chat, with so few inhibitions. We seem to lose that as we get older!

I hope there aren't anymore trick-or-treaters. Might have to turn the lights off and pretend we're not home. Otherwise, I'll have to give them an ice-block or a can of baked beans. Poor kids.

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