Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sarah's day

This afternoon Sarah was chatting to me about her day at school - it's fun listening to her stories and hearing what she's been up to.

Sarah talked about Lucy coming to play (she joined Sarah and her friends for a few hours as part of her orientation moving from the toddlers room to the big kids room) and said, "I cried when she went to the baby room cause I wanted my friend Lucy back." I didn't realise just how close they've become - though in the beginning it was full-on (and still is at times), I'm really thankful to God that there isn't much of an age gap between them, they are such good friends (though they do have good fights too!).

Later on I went to get Sarah another drink, and then thought I'd clean up a bit, but Sarah said to me, "Mummy, come on the lounge and I will tell you something else." How special - sitting beside my little girl and hearing her share about her day. I love being a Mum. It's challenging too, but also incredibly rewarding.

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